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Subra Cemetery Records and Pictures

(listed in alphabetical order by location)

This represents a list of gravesites of Subras and other connected families. It's an interesting study all by itself!

I'll publish pictures, etc. as I get time. I have not attempted to give background information about these individuals at this time. I hope to link them to information forthcoming in this web site eventually.

If you have more information or pictures, or if you have questions, please contact me.

Georgia, Marietta:


  • John (oldest son of Stephen #1 & Francis Bera) - Union soldier in the Civil War - killed in action.

Iowa, Vinton:


  • Frances (Françoise) [Billerey] Subra (wife of Stephen Subra #1)
  • George Subra (son of Stephen #2 and Margaret Subra)

Minnesota, Austin:

OAKWOOD CEMETERY (2 maps & 12 pictures) - COMPLETED (10/12/2002)

  • William & Bertha (son of Stephen #2 & Sarah Jane Vorce; Bertha Cally Dennis)
  • Everett & Lucy (son of William & Bertha; Lucy Jeanette Yarwood)
  • Ward (son of William & Bertha)
  • Eugene (son of Earl)

Minnesota, Claremont:

CLAREMONT STREET CEMETERY (1 map & 24 photos) - COMPLETED (11/9/2002)

  • Sarah Jane [Vorce] Subra (wife of Stephen Subra #2)
  • Albert Stephen Subra (son of Stephen Subra #2 and Sarah Jane Vorce)
  • Julia M. Subra (dau of Stephen & Frances Bera)
  • Emma Belle Subra (dau of Stephen #2 & Sara Jane Vorce), no marker, but obituary states that she's buried at this cemetery. Cemetery caretaker has no record of her burial.
  • John W. Vorce & Emma Vorce (parents of Sarah Jane Vorce Subra)
  • William Elmer Vorce (brother of Sarah Jane Vorce Subra; youngest son of John & Emma Vorce)
  • Harriet E. [Clements] Vorce (wife of William Elmer Vorce)

Minnesota, Dodge Center:


  • Stephen & Margaret (son of Stephen & Frances Bera, husband of Sarah Jane Vorce; Margaret Steele)
  • Hattie M. Subra (dau of Stephen & Margaret)
  • Nellie [Subra] Peterson (dau of Stephen & Margaret)
  • Stephen Subra, Jr. (son of Stephen & Margaret)
  • Elmer J. & Pearl J. [Subra] Obleness (dau of Stephen & Margaret, and her husband)

Wisconsin, Lamartine:


  • Stephen (Etienne) Subra (original Subra, who came from France)


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