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Claremont Street Cemetery (Claremont, Minnesota)
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Taken 04 June 2000, on my first and only research trip (so far).
The camera was an earlier digital, so the quality isn't as good.

  Location Map - the red X is the location of Claremont. The Claremont Street Cemetery is north and east of Claremont.
  View from the south, as I approached the country cemetery.
  Looking north on north end of the cemetery. The family stone is visible on the far left. The old entrance is at the far right (between two evergreen trees).
  Looking northwest. Family stone & plot are in the center.
  The Subra family stone.

  The Subra family plot - family stone, and 3 individual stones (looking SSE). My Geo Metro can be seen in the distance.
  Individual Subra stones - (l to r) - Sarah Jane [Vorce] Subra, Albert Stephen Subra, and Julia M. Subra.
  Stone of Sarah Jane [Vorce] Subra. Stone reads:
"SARAH J. - BORN--1849 - DIED--1874"
Sarah (my g-g grandmother) was the first wife of Stephen Subra. Married in 1869, she bore to Stephen three children: William John (my great grandfather), Albert Stephen, and Emma Belle. Sarah died while Emma was just over a year old, possibly dying from a disease outbreak.
  Stone of Albert Stephen Subra. Stone reads:
"ALBERT S. - BORN--1871 - DIED--1900"
Laid to rest next to his mother, Albert was the second son of Stephen & Sarah. He died unexpectedly shortly after the 1900 census of a short illness. Albert never married.
  Stone of Julia M. Subra. Stone reads:
"JULIA M. - BORN 1852 - DIED 1868"
Julia was the unmarried youngest sister of Stephen. I have found no record of her after the 1860 Federal Census (Cape Vincent, Jefferson County, NY).
  A surprise find! Just east of the Subra stone, I found the stone that marks the sight of John W. Vorce and Emma Vorce. I took pictures just in case, and I later confirmed that John was Sarah's father, and therefore, my g-g-g grandfather! John's information is on the north side of this stone; his wife, Emma (my g-g-g grandmother), has her information on the south side of the stone. In the lower right-hand corner, you can make out the family name (Vorce). Stone reads (best I can do - I didn't write anything down): "JOHN W. VORCE - DIED SEP 21, 1885 - AGED 72 YRS - 7 M'S - 2 DYS"
  John Vorce's wife, Emma [Clements]. Stone reads:
"EMMA VORCE - DIED NOV 21, 1887 - AGED 73 Y'RS - * M'S 16 D'YS"
  Vorce family stone, of the Wm Elmer Vorce family. John & Emma's is at the far left. The Subra family stone is just right of center.
  Stone reads: "FATHER - WILLIAM ELMER VORCE - 1857-1934". William was Sarah's brother, and John & Emma's youngest son.
  Stone reads: "MOTHER - HARRIET E. VORCE - 1869-1926". Harriet E. [Wilcox] Vorce.
  View of all three plots: Subra/John & Emma Vorce/Wm Vorce. View looks northwest.
  Looking west at the old entrance to the cemetery. Look carefully between the trees! Entering it takes you straight to the Subra family stone.
  Looking east at the old entrance from behind the Subra family stone. John & Emma Vorce's stone is on the left. CLOSER VIEW
  Looking south and slightly west at the cemetery.
  Old abandoned home near the cemetery. Just through it in, as it appears that the cemetery used to be in town. Now the cemetery is north of the town of Claremont. This home appears to be the only remnant of days gone by.

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