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Updated 12/22/2004

My wife and I are privileged to be blessed of God with 13 children (newest addition was  a new son in March, 2004!). Our oldest, Esther, is 22, married and a brand new mommy herself (no, we don't feel like grandparents). Our youngest just turned a year old.

The thirteen are all ours. We have no twins (or any other combination of multiple births) - they all came one at a time. We have 9 girls and 4 boys, 4 red-heads (the others are shades of blonde), 3 left-handers, and the last three were C-section (long story, but suffice it to say that not all doctors are good doctors). 3 have now graduated from high school.

Subra Clan, February, 2003
(including son-in-law)

It is our prayer and desire to develop a free web site that allows us to minister to other large-quivered families, providing a place to share and receive encouragement in a world that is more and more antagonistic towards those who have allowed God to be God.

Check back periodically, as we begin this venture.

Kevin Subra

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