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SUBRA in Acronyms

  • S.U.B.R.A. is a psychobabble term! - Suicidal Behaviour and Risk Assessment (SUBRA). Web Site
  • S.U.B.R.A. stands for Subic Bay Resorts Association in the Phillipines. Web Site

  • S.U.B.R.A. is a French acronym: un Service pour l'Utilisation des Boues Résiduaires en Agriculture. Web Site
  • SubRA is a web abbreviation, standing for Sub Registration Authority. Web Site


SUBRA in Geography

  • “Subra” is the name of a mountain and mountaineering club in Montenegro (Yugoslavia area). A member of club said the mountain was named by Roman soldiers, from “sub” meaning under or near, and “Ra”, name of the Egyptian god of the sun, meaning under or near the sun (could be “near to God” real easy!). Web Site See also this Web Site for specs on the mountain, and more links concerning it.
  • Apparently a portion of certain city names in Egypt (Web Site): Subra al-Haymah & Subra Hit (see Web Site)


SUBRA in Languages

  • “Subra” is a word in several languages, including Spanish, Dutch, and Swiss. In Spanish it comes from subrayar, which means to “underline” or “emphasize”.
  • “Subra” is a Sardinian word: torra a subra ("go to top" on a web site!); deo so subra de su lettu corcadu (I am lying on top of the bed); sa littera est subra de sa televisione (the letter is on top of the TV). Web Site. I’ve also seen it translated “important”, “aerial”, and “over”. Web Site
  • “Subra” seems to be a programming term:
    Getting Rid Of Scm_Init_Iprocs In Procs.C - scm_init_iprocs(const scm_iproc *subra, int type). Web Site 
  • "Subra" seems to be a term in the Finnish language (from a movie evaluation site): "krrrrr... oli niin siis mielettömän pelottava.. paitsi yksi asia mua ärsytti: jodie olisi ollut paljon parempi tohon rooliin ehdottomasti!! vaikka ei juliannakaan huonosti näytellyt! subra-hyvä kauhujubakka :)" - Web Site
  • "Subra" seems to be a Turkish term. Here's a site of the Institute for Turkish-European Studies, apparently run by Turks. "Ülke kurallarının (yerli) üstünde subra nasyonal kurallar gündeme geldiğinde ulusal kurallar geçersiz olur. (multilaterale / bilaterale antlaşmalar)." Web Site
  • German? Possibly just a name, but nouns are also begun with capital letters. "Noch kein Vierteljahr, daß ich die jetzige Baronin Schwilow auf Tzschatschow, etwas schwer auszusprechen, im Französischen Theater traf, wo die Subra die Freifrau spielte. Sie sah reizend aus, ich meine die Schwilow (die Subra natürlich auch), und als sie im Zwischenakt das Köpfchen warf und dabei die Brillanten im Ohrläppchen hin und her läuteten, da läutete sie zugleich die ganze vornehme Gesellschaft zusammen." Web Site
  • Hungarian? Quite a common word!: "Az en velemenyem is az,hogy normalis minosegu hanfalak eseten,nincs szukseg subra." Web Site
  • Italian poetry, with English translation. ("on" or "above"?) Web Site  "Mèrulas amigas, chi in custu ierru anneuladu, appenas una pago de lughe apparit, comente fritzas bascias passades subra sas fozas mortas, infustas" & more.
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SUBRA in Names

  • “Subra” is a name for a goddess in southern India (also “subramanian” and derivatives).
  • “Subra” is the name of a star that is part of the constellation Leo. Web Site
  • Subra Company is a company in Tehran, Iran. They are “Importers of Electrician Rubber Gloves”. Yeah, right. Web Site
  • “Subra” is the name of a company in Brazil  Web Site (Site currently inactive.) - SUBRA DO BRASIL IND. COM. E REPRES. LTDA. Divisão Máquinas de Lavagem Industrial Rua: Guaianazes, 1536 - Campos Elíseos - São
  • "Subra" is the name of a laboratory in France. Web Site

This is the emblem of the laboratory.

  • "Subra" is the name of the first chain of drugstores opened in Bulgaria. Web Site

  • "Subra Trading Company" - Export centre for Precitron and is also into trading of Food and Beverages in the local market (India?). Web Site
  • SUBRA METAL HOLDINGS SDN. BHD., No. 29 Jalan Besi, Batu 3 1/2, Off Jalan Sungai Besi, 57100 KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA. Web Site  Logo

  • Philippe Subra, Mendoza-Argentina - photographer of planets. Web Site (his submissions are part-way down the page)



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