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  • Frederic SUBRA - (residing in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada) - email (added 10/31/03)

    • Here are a few things I know about my family. My great grandfather Pierre Subra moved from the southwest of France to Epinal and then Nancy, Lorraine, in the early 1900's. He had been a soldier in North Africa (Tunisia?). He tried to start several bakeries but always failed. He had four sons: Marcel (1900-1988) spent his life in Paris (taxi driver, I think), he had a daughter, Nenette, who married a "gendarme", but he died and I never met him. Georges, I met once, at Marcel's funeral... Jean died in the fifties.
    • My grandfather Pierre Subra (1913-1996) spent his life in Champigneulles, near Nancy. He had five children with two wives (my grandmother died in 1944, he remarried in 45). He worked at the local brewery, painting ads and logos, that sort of thing. His oldest son, Claude, born in 1937, lives outside Paris, a retired navy admiral (engineer, computer wiz type). His son Renaud, born in 1965, left the French army to move to Washington DC (Rockville, Md, I believe) with his American wife, Suzi Gudeman (they have a son, Aidan, and are expecting another baby). He now works for Air France, she studies medicine with the US navy in Bethesda. The second son, my father Jean-Marie, born in 1940, also lives outside Paris, also retired from the army (helicopter pilot), divorced, two children. My sister Elisabeth, born in 65, is married with three children (Jean-Alexandre, Paul-Adrien, Marie-Anne). She is also in the French army, like her husband Thierry Nicole. They too live outside Paris. I was born in 68, outside Paris. I am a French Language Arts teacher. I met my wife, Eve Dicker, in Lyon in 1995. We moved to BC, where she grew up, in 1997. We have two daughters, Raphaëlle and Morgane. I now teach French Immersion in Cranbrook, BC. The daughter, Jacqueline, born in 1944, still lives near Nancy. She is the black sheep of the family, I don't know anything about her. The third son, Pierre "Pierrot", born in 46, also ex-army, lives near Toulouse. He is divorced and has two children: Emmanuel, born in 1969, and Virginie, born around 71. They both have kids but, shame on me, I don't know their names. Emmanuel is also in the army (don't ask), he is married to an English teacher. They live in Cognac. Francis, born in 49 (who is married and has a daughter, Caroline, born in 78, living in Paris, working in journalism), still lives in Champigneulles and works at the brewery that sustained the family for more than fifty years!
    • PS. More about me, if it helps. I went to school at the “Prytanéée militaire" de La Flèche (79-86) and then went to the Sorbonne in Paris for my post-secondary degree (86-91). I did my “national service” for two years in Yola, Nigeria (91-93). Back in France, I did my teacher training in Lyon. I was settled there when I met my wife, an elementary school teacher from Canada, in 95. She couldn’t get her Canadian degree recognized in France, so we moved to BC. And, yes, you can put the information on your site.
  • Patrick SUBRA - (residing in Toulouse, France) - email (added 03/01/04)

    • My name is Patrick SUBRA and I'm living in France (Toulouse). I was looking for genealogist information about the Subra's family near Toulouse when I found your website. I'm very happy to get informations about the SUBRA in all over the world. Good luck in your search.
    • I was very pleased you take a little time for answering me. I think it will be possible to find informations about your french's ancestors because all the archives of the concerned city hall are available easily since 1789 (eg French revolution). I could be more helpful, if you can provide from which province of France Stephen and Frances were coming.
      For your information:
      - Most of Subra people are originated from two provinces called "ariège" and "haute-garonne" (my province). They are located in south west of France near Toulouse.
      - Subra means "ceux d'en haut" that mean "those who are living over", related to the valley in mountain country.
      - I suggest you to visit this site : http://www.geneanet.org, you perhaps found any information about your french ancestors.
      - I will be pleased to translate you any documents you will find, do not hesitate.
  • María SUBRÁ - (residing in Spain) - email (added 07/08/04)

    • I am happy to do it.
    • All I know is what follows:
    • Grand grand father Constantino Subra Minchot and ancestors: they all come from a tiny village named Eriste in the Spanish Pyrinees, the chain of mountains that divides Spain and France. The cemetery of the village is full of graves of people named Subra. The only relative living there is María Jose Subra, she is the post woman of the village. Our grand grand fathers were brothers.
    • Eriste is in Benasque Valley, very close to a ski station named Cerler. There lives Sebastian Subra, he owns a hotel in Benasque village.
    • Grand grand father Constantino moved to Madrid where he worked as civil servant, and he had 2 sons, Felipe and José María.
    • Felipe was my grandfather, but he died before I was born. He was civil servant as well and very fond of writing lyrics for "zarzuela", a sort of Spanish opera.
      He had 3 sons: Amelia, Jacinto y Francisco.
    • I am the only daughter of Amelia (in Spain you can choose between the surname of your father or your mother). They all were civil servants and they all have died.
    • I have 2 cousins, Jesús and Elena Subra, they all live in Madrid.
    • I have also second grade cousins, the descendants of Jose Maria Subra. They are Jose Maria, Jorge, Iñigo, Monica, Betriz y María Subrá. They are the owners of Aceite Subra oil trade mark, you can visit the web site www.aceitesubra.com
    • I don´t know any others Subra in Spain except our family.
    • I promise I will e-mail pictures of Felipe, Amelia and myself.
    • Kindest regards, María Subrá
  • Kevin SUBRA - (residing in Des Moines, Iowa, United States) - email (added 02/27/04)

    • My great-great-great grandfather Stephen Subra (b. 1800, d. 1867) and great-great-great grandmother Frances Bera ( came from France. Stephen was born around 1800; Frances was born around 1812. I do not know when either came over to the US, but I do know that they married in the US in July of 1837 in Lyme, New York, which is now near Cape Vincent, NY. Those that settled Cape Vincent, NY (northwestern New York, near Kingston, Ontario, Canada) were officers and soldiers that had served with Napoleon, so Stephen may very well have fought in Napoleon's army. Stephen & Frances appear in the 1840 Federal Census in Lyme, NY. They appear again in 1850 and 1860 Federal Census records in Cape Vincent, NY (I don't think they moved - I think that where they lived became part of Cape Vincent). Stephen & Frances had seven children that I know of: John (b. 1838, d. 5/31/1864), Frances (b. 1840), Stephen (b. 3/5/1842), Mary (b. 6/5/1844, d. 4/19/1935), Baptiste (b. 1847, d. before 1860 census), Ann (b. 1849), and Julia M. (b. 1852, never married, d. 1868). Stephen is listed as a farmer in the 1850 census, and as a laborer in the 1860 census. The family migrated to the area of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin in 1860 ("the year without a summer"). Stephen died in that area in 1867, and Frances died near Vinton, Iowa in the 1880's.
    • My great-great grandfather was the son named Stephen. He joined the Union Army during the Civil War, and served in the Cavalry. He was discharged 11/15/1865 in Austin, Texas. Stephen received a land grant in Dodge County, Minnesota, and settled there. He married Sarah Vorce (b. 9/25/1849, d. 12/4/1874) on 12/24/1868, and they had three children: William John (b. 11/1869, d. 1950), Albert Stephen (b. 10/3/1871, d. 7.2.1900), and Emma Belle (b. 8/3/1873, d. 5/2/1918). Sarah died in 1874. Stephen remarried, taking as his bride Margaret Steele (b. 11/19/1860, d. 4/27/1935) and they had seven children. Stephen & Margaret moved to Iowa, near Vinton, for about 10 years, and then moved back to Minnesota (Mower county). Stephen farmed most of his life.
    • My great grandfather was William John Subra (b. 11/1869, d. 1850). He lived on the family farm near Hayfield, Minnesota. He married Bertha Cally Dennis (b. 2/1878, d. 1947) on 1/1/1898. They had four children: Everett Willard (b. 4/23/1899, d. 4/29/1983), Earl (b. 8.2.1902, d. 12/1980), Laura (b. 8/23/1904, d. 2/24/1997), and Ward (b. 2/25/1907, 9/16/1992).
    • My grandfather was Everett Willard Subra (b. 4/23/1899, 4/29/1983). He married Lucy Jeanette Yarwood (b. 3/31/1903, d. 1/17/1993) on 10/5/1921. Everett and Lucy had nine children: Irene, Doris, Roger, Lila, LaVonne, Violet, Glen, Lorn, and Lorraine. Most of these siblings live in Minnesota or Wisconsin.
    • My father is Glen Subra. He married Ardyce Schake, and had five children: Sandra, Jeff, Kevin, Kurt, and Renee.
    • I married Jane Wright, and we have 13 wonderful children (see the pictures on this site!).


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